Burglary Emergency Preparedness Tips

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One of the greatest fears of any homeowner is having someone break into your home. It is a horrible feeling to walk in and realize that someone has invaded your privacy and taken things that are precious and valuable to you. It is even more frightening to be the victim of burglary while you are sleeping. In some burglary cases intruders may be there to just rob you, however others may seek to assault you or your family, or have even worse intentions.

Obviously, prevention is the best defense against any burglary or break-in situation. A well-designed home security system can prevent many burglary and break-ins from ever occurring. However, if your security system is breached, there are numerous ways to deal with this frightening type of situation if you have practiced emergency preparedness.

Emergency Preparedness Tips for a Burglary

It is important to have a family safety plan and discuss with family members what to do in situations where someone breaks into your home while you are sleeping, or when you are the victim of a burglary.

Handling a Burglary that Happen When You’re Not at Home

First of all, if you arrive home and realize that someone has broken into your home, you should leave and call the police. It is important that the police verify that the intruder has left the premises, and that you take inventory of what is missing. It may seem pointless to file a burglary report, but sometimes items are recovered and the thieves are identified when they attempt to pawn stolen goods.

Handling a Burglary That Happen While You’re at Home

However, if you are sleeping at home and are awaken by noises, you should not try to confront an intruder. Sometimes, they will steal things from your living room and never come back to the bedroom where you are sleeping.

If you are sure that you can do it quickly and without detection get out of the house and call 911. However, if you have children or other family members sleeping in other rooms, this is not the best idea. People have successfully called 911 from inside their home and just left the phone off the hook. Even if the dispatcher cannot talk with you, keeping the line open will enable the police call center to track the phone number to your home and send police.

As part of a well designed security system and emergency preparedness, you can also have a “panic room” where you can run and barricade yourself in case of a break-in. It should be windowless with a steel reinforced door and interior deadbolt lock to prevent an intruder from breaking it down. The best of these rooms also have a separate land line phone that a burglar could not disable so that you can contact the police at any point.

Obviously, not everyone has the money to build one of these panic rooms, or the space to accommodate one. In lieu of this, you and your family may designate an interior bathroom as the panic room, and at least have a strong door and deadbolt on it, possibly with an extra phone outlet installed in the room. This could at least give you a few extra minutes to be safe from an intruder while the police arrive.

Added Protection with Burglar Alarms

Overall, it is easier to prevent these situations through emergency preparedness than to deal with them as they arise. Also planning ahead by investing in a quality burglar alarm system can be a lifesaver for you and your family.

People have been using burglar alarms for nearly 160 years but they’ve come a long way since their conception. Regardless of what type of burglar alarm you use the main objective is to be alerted the moment someone tries to break in. There are interior as well as exterior alarms that will either draw attention to the intruder through either sound or light, both of which have proven to be effective deterrents.

Below are just some types of burglar alarms you can choose from.

  • Door alarms
  • Window alarms
  • Glass break detection
  • Garage door alarms
  • Car alarms
  • Motion detectors

Burglar alarm systems can be customized to fit your exact needs so you get as much security as you need without having to pay for services and equipment that will go mostly unused. A good start would be to talk with law enforcement to assess home security issues in your neighborhood.