Alarm Products for Inside and Outdoors

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According to FBI findings, a house is burglarized every 14 seconds in the United States. Therefore, the security of your home, both inside and out, is extremely important to you. You want to do everything in your power to keep your family and belongings safe from burglars. With all the different types of security alarms on the market, you can easily find the right one for you.

There are multiple systems on the market, and it can get a little tricky when you are looking to buy one. Make sure you fully understand all the features to the system or alarms products before you commit to a purchase.

Outdoor Motion Detector Alarm

Outdoor motion detector alarms and security lighting systems are probably the most recognizable forms of outdoor security. Floodlights with an attached motion detector alarm alert the homeowner to a foreign presence as well as take away an intruder’s cover.

However, in order to do their job, motion detector alarms are often sensitive even to the presence of small animals, such as cats and dogs. To avoid having neighborhood animals trip the sensor, locate it above the height of a medium sized dog but below the height of the average person.

An outdoor security camera also provides valuable protection. Any outdoor security camera will help the homeowner identify visitors before they open the door, thus reducing the risk of invasion. Larger properties would benefit from an outdoor security camera placed away from the house as well. The cameras would allow the homeowner to see trouble coming before they got to the door.

A few more tips for outside security include:

  • Maintaining a clear yard, free of clusters of tall growth within the edges of the property for better visibility
  • Locking outbuildings, such as sheds, helps deny hiding places to intruders and animals
  • Having an alarm system sign outside of your home which is well-lit at night
  • Using garage door alarms to alert you is someone is trying to gain access through your garage

Window Alarms and Security

When getting into window alarms, your options are plentiful and are an important part of your outdoor and indoor security. There are window alarms that are silent, or blaringly loud. There are window alarms that will notify the police for you, in case you are not home when the alarm is triggered. Another wonderful feature to these types of monitored window alarms, is the security system has a support line. This means if your alarm is triggered, they will call you and make sure there is a need for assistance.

Also, some alarms are equipped with glass breakage sensors to further secure windows. This means that in the event of your window being broken, the alarm system can detect it through vibrations and sounds. When the break is detected, the alarm is sounded, and the would-be burglar is deterred.

On higher stories of your home, there is a lower degree of risk for burglary; however you still need to secure windows on upper levels. On these higher windows, you may want to consider window film. It is transparent polyester films that are applied to the window in layers. It is adhered with strong, transparent acrylic glue. When someone tries to break the window, they can’t.

Door Alarms

Door alarms can be installed on doors that are constructed from wood, metal, glass, plastic or fiberglass – basically almost any building material. They are also now available in different specifications that can meet any requirements for almost any building.

Your door alarm should alert you any time someone tries to pick the lock, force entry or simply opens the door. The most impressive door alarm systems will be a combination of a password-sensitive electronic locking device companied by cameras and an intruder alarm set-up. These security doors are the ultimate in enhanced security for your home.

There are now laser technology security door set ups that are quite effective. An invisible laser beam surrounds the door and if there is an intruder or any other object in the way of these beams, the alarm will sound. These laser security door alarms are great to include in your overall home security system.

Major home security and alarm system providers such as ADT, APX, Protect America and Brinks have door alarms and window alarms even in their most basic home security plans.